Zynga & Bwin.Party to Offer Real Money Online Gambling in the UK

Zynga & Bwin. Just minutes ahead of its Q3 earnings call, Zynga dropped a bit of a bombshell. The company has signed a deal with bwin. party that will see the companies partner on real-money gambling in the UK via poker and casino games. Here’s how the partnership will apparently work: Zynga will operate real-money

Reid / Kyl Bill Draft Drops

Reid / Kyl Bill Draft Drops Reid / Kyl. An apparently credible draft of the much-anticipated federal bill to regulate online poker has found its way into the media. The draft was first published by Ian Imrich at JDSupra.com. You can read the full text of the draft at that link, along with some highlights

Why Pincus Won’t Provide a Real-Money Gambling Plan for Zynga’s

Why Pincus Won’t Provide a Real-Money Gambling Plan for Zynga’s Zynga’s quarterly  – This Oct. 24th, during Zynga’s quarterly earnings call, disgruntled investors will wait expectantly for CEO Mark Pincus to finally unveil Zynga’s plan to expand into real-money online gambling. They’ll be disappointed when Pincus fails to do anything of the sort. Don’t get

Poker Stars Shuts Out Former Full Tilt Poker Affiliates

PokerStars – It’s not a surprising move in the least, but questions still remain after PokerStars announcement that company will not be paying out affiliate debts related to the old Full Tilt Poker. The gist: If you were an FTP affiliate and FTP owed you money, PokerStars is not paying you that money. you have

Why Isn’t PokerStars Hurtling People Through (Near) Space?

Why Isn’t PokerStars Hurtling People Through (Near) Space? At some point in the near future, Felix Baumgartner plans to step into the abyss and plummet something like two dozen miles to the ground from his starting point in near space. He will do this on behalf of humanity’s innate desire to conquer the unconquerable. And

Tens of Thousands in Player Funds Vanish

Kingdom of Poker – Tens of Thousands in Player Funds Vanish – That’s the apparent takeaway from the recent closure of little-known poker site. A source close to the room estimates that roughly $50,000 in player deposits held at have yet returned to players. The room itself is close and players have no formal mechanism

Major PokerStars Software Update in the Works

While details are still scarce, it appears that PokerStars is in the advanced stages of a software overhaul that will aim to completely change the way that players interact with the world’s largest poker site. Details of the impending upgrade emerged from players who attended the recent PokerStars VIP party in London; part of the

Cake Poker Migrating US Players to Juicy Stakes

Cake Poker will reportedly All US players at Cake Poker will reportedly migrate to fellow Revolution Gaming Juicy Stakes Poker on September 27th, 2012. news was first reported by Calvin Ayre, cited at announcement. Cake that we weren’t able to track down at the time of this article.Cake support provided the following reply to our

Phil Galfond Files Suit Against Bluefire Poker Partner

Well-known poker pro Phil Galfond filed suit against William Murphy, a partner in poker training site Bluefire Poker, earlier this week.The suit, which you can read in full here, was filed in the District Court of Travis County, Texas on 9/12/12. Some highlights: Galfond earned over $400,000 for his role in Bluefire Poker from 2009-2010.

Howard Lederer Speaks!

Howard Lederer Speaks! On the heels of DiamondFlush’s excellent interview with Andy Bloch comes news of another Full Tilt principal already to make (some) information public. Howard Lederer.Looks like there will be two separate upcoming opportunities for those interested to get a peek inside the mind of “The Professor.”1) The LVRJ reported this weekend that