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Reid / Kyl Bill Draft Drops

An apparently credible draft of the much-anticipated federal bill to regulate online poker has found its way into the media.The draft was first published by Ian Imrich at You can read the full text of the draft at that link, along with some highlights & analysis from Imrich.As I noted yesterday on PokerFuse, the

Mitt Would Pass on Online Poker

If elected president, Mitt Romney would “not touch” online gambling, signaling a potential death knell for any federal solution to the issue of online poker (or online gambling regulation at large) under a Romney administration.That’s the word from well-regarded industry publication Gambling Compliance via Twitter:Not necessarily a surprise, but certainly applies a touch more pressure

Maryland in the Online Gambling Mix?

Update August 8th: Online gambling will not be a part of the special session in Maryland. Update August 5th: Speaker Busch is now downplaying the role online gambling might play in the session and Maryland Senate is also sending negative signals. No one has yet rung the death knell, however, so we’ll continue to keep

Federal Judge Rules Poker is a Skill Game: Context and Analysis

On Tuesday August 21st, 2012, Judge Jack Weinstein (a federal judge in the Eastern District of New York) ruled that poker is predominately a game of skill and not one of chance.What does the ruling mean? What is the likely impact of the ruling for poker in general and online poker specifically? Let’s walk through

The DiChristina Ruling: Surveying Reactions

There’s been no small amount of words written this week regarding Judge Jack Weinstein’s ruling in US vs DiChristina, a ruling which opined that – at least within the narrow context of one particular federal law – poker is predominantly a game of skill and not one of chance.As might be expected, the ruling has

Bovada Out of Washington State

Washington State online poker players are down another option today, as Bovada has reportedly closed their doors to residents of the state.The news was delivered via email to players, with payment processing cited as the primary motivation for the decision. Excerpt:Source: PokerAddict.

Frank: Kyl and Tribes Biggest Obstacles to Online Poker Regs

In an exclusive interview with PokerNews, longtime online poker advocate Barney Frank expressed an opinion that’s not likely to sit well with US online poker players: He doesn’t see regulation happening in 2012.From the interview:Source: Barney Frank Talks to PokerNews

Campos Plea Accepted Avoiding Poker Trial of the Century

When news broke a few weeks ago that a judge had rejected the plea deal struck between prosecutors and Black Friday defendant John Campos, it seemed as if there might be a jury trial for online poker after all.Not so fast, now says the judge. Apparently whatever prosecutors provided in response to US District Judge

PokerStars Purchase of Full Tilt Confirmed By Multiple Sources

WickedChops rarely goes with something definitive unless it’s definitive:Link.Same goes for PokerFuse, who were pretty definitive yesterday when they broke the story:DiamondFlush won’t confirm that the new buyer is PokerStars or that the deal is done but it’s not too hard to read between the lines:Also, while less formal than the above sources, Shaun Deeb

PokerStars Buys Full Tilt Poker … Say What?

UPDATE 4:30 EST: Full Tilt Poker’s legal counsel has released a statement that echoes the Stars statement copied further down.From 4pm EST: Stars releases statement saying nothing. From Eric Hollreiser, Head of Corporate Communications for PokerStars:—–That’s the word from reputable sources this afternoon.The tl;dr: GBT didn’t have enough money to take on Full Tilt,