Howard Lederer Speaks!

On the heels of DiamondFlush’s excellent interview with Andy Bloch comes news of another Full Tilt principal ready to make (some) information public: Howard Lederer.Looks like there will be two separate upcoming opportunities for those interested to get a peek inside the mind of “The Professor.”1) The LVRJ reported this weekend that Lederer has already given an interview to Update: PokerNews released details of the interview this afternoon. Excerpt:2) Perhaps more interestingly, TwoPlusTwo head Mason Malmuth had this to say yesterday about a second Lederer interview:That thread can be found here.Can’t imagine that Lederer will be anywhere near as candid as Bloch was (understandable, as Bloch isn’t facing any charges that I know of), but Lederer’s level of involvement in FTP was (apparently) much, much greater than Bloch, so even a guarded Lederer should have plenty of interesting tidbits to reveal.Since the PokerNews interview is video, this gem of a chart can be employed:What’s Howard Thinkin

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