Major PokerStars Software Update in the Works

While details are still scarce, it appears that PokerStars is in the advanced stages of a software overhaul that will aim to completely change the way that players interact with the world’s largest poker site.Details of the impending upgrade emerged from players who attended the recent PokerStars VIP party in London; part of the party was a general presentation regarding plans for the new software . As one attendee wrote on 2p2:As the above quote suggests, the primary focus of the overhaul appears to be reducing the friction a casual player encounters when trying to play poker for real money on PokerStars.More from a trip report covering the London event, also posted on 2p2:In addition to the focus on simplification of the client for recreational players, here are few other details regarding the new PokerStars software:
Advanced sorting and view options will still be available for players – they’ll just be tucked away.
The new software may have an app aspect, although it’s unclear exactly what shape it will take.
PokerStars may add internal features for tournament registration that would effectively duplicate the auto-reg features provided by TableNinja.
The registration process will be collapsed into a single step.It’s unclear whether a similar upgrade is planned for the Full Tilt Poker client. FTP players will recall that the room had already introduced a streamlined interface for finding games prior to the room’s shuttering post-Black Friday.

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