Why the Recent Zynga Departures Aren’t That Big of a Deal

If you read the reports coming out of the highly insular, echo chamber-esque world of online tech & financial media, you’d think there wasn’t anyone left at Zynga besides Mark Pincus and maybe a couple of janitors. No less than three dozen news (and “news”) sources termed the recent spate of employee exits an “exodus.”

The Three Biggest Problems Facing Online Poker

This is a guest commentary from Bill Rini. Follow Bill on Twitter or subscribe to his blog for more.Online poker is at a sort of crossroads today. After several years of flying under the radar and often operating in grey areas of local laws, today online poker is in the spotlight of lawmakers in many

The DiChristina Ruling: Surveying Reactions

There’s been no small amount of words written this week regarding Judge Jack Weinstein’s ruling in US vs DiChristina, a ruling which opined that – at least within the narrow context of one particular federal law – poker is predominantly a game of skill and not one of chance.As might be expected, the ruling has

Celeb Poker Merging With Titan Poker

The title pretty much says it all.According to an email sent to Celeb Poker affiliates, Celeb will be subsumed by Titan Poker on (or about) August 27th, 2012.From the email:Haven’t heard about the coming iPoker split? Info from PokerFuse:

Federal Judge Rules Poker is a Skill Game: Context and Analysis

On Tuesday August 21st, 2012, Judge Jack Weinstein (a federal judge in the Eastern District of New York) ruled that poker is predominately a game of skill and not one of chance.What does the ruling mean? What is the likely impact of the ruling for poker in general and online poker specifically? Let’s walk through

Big One for One Drop: Answering the Critics

There’s been a fair amount of criticism in the lead up to, and subsequent aftermath of, the Big One for One Drop.While the chatter has come from several corners, the primary objections of those opposed to the $1 million buy in tournament are perhaps best expressed by Kim Lund in his blog post One Drop

I Support the Ultimate Beat Project on Kickstarter

… and I think you should too.To be more specific: I generally think that anyone involved in online poker in any capacity should consider pitching in a buck or two, but anyone who profited from AP / UB as a player, affiliate or otherwise should feel something pretty close to a moral responsibility to help

Why Matt Glantz is Probably Wrong About the PokerStars / Full Tilt Deal

Matt Glantz is clearly a smart guy, a talented poker player and a man with no small amount of insight into the online poker industry.That’s why it’s confusing to us how he could manage to get it so completely wrong in his latest blog post about the ongoing negotiations between PokerStars and the DOJ over

Facebook’s Foray Into Real Money Gambling: What Does it Mean?

In five years or so, gambling analysts may well look back at August 7th, 2012 as a watershed moment for the industry. That is, of course, the date that the first real money gambling app for Facebook – Bingo & Slots Friendzy by Gamesys – began trialing for users in the UK.Some will argue, of

US FTP Players to DoJ: Pay Me Maybe?

“Here’s my balance … so pay me maybe.”While things seem to be going fairly smoothly for non-US players at Full Tilt Poker, the picture for US customers of the once-mighty, soon to be resurrected online poker giant remains … cloudy.In the wake of the news that PokerStars and the DoJ had reached a deal allowing