I Support the Ultimate Beat Project on Kickstarter

And I think you should too. I generally think that anyone involved in online poker in any capacity should consider pitching in buck or two. But anyone who profited from AP / UB as a player. Affiliate or otherwise should feel something pretty close to a moral responsibility to help Ultimate Beat project come to fruition. Visit the Kickstarter page for Ultimate Beat, or read on below for more details.Ultimate Beat is an in-the-works documentary that seeks to tell the story of the Ultimate Bet scandal. A scandal that continues to reverberate through the poker community nearly a half-decade later.

Or, as the creators describe the project:Teaser for the film is below:The current Kickstarter campaign for the film is looking to raise $6,500 (or more), money that will go to moving the film to the next stage of production. Says the Kickstarter page:The project is still well short of its goal (as of this article). I pledged $200 if only 30 people in community match or exceed my pledge. Campaign will easily exceed its funding goals. And the world will get at least little closer to understanding what really transpired behind the scenes of one of the most audacious thefts in history.

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